Welcome to the official THEELK UK page. THEELK designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and contemporary jewellery made only from high-quality materials.

A timeless design, aesthetic, subtle, yet distinctive style and refined craftsmanship sets THEELK far apart from the rest.

#THEELK inspires to celebrate life and express yourself.



THEELK is aiming to establish itself as a brand synonymous with impeccable and high-quality jewellery.


Every piece of THEELK jewellery is instilled with simplicity and elegance, we design them from the ground up with our commitment and dedication in mind to bring you the best of jewellery.

 Quality & Materials

We have high quality standards and only use genuine materials, including solid sterling silver and 14ct or 18ct gold as well as a variety of gemstones. Our enduring passion for innovation and design is uniquely prolific which translates into impeccable jewellery craftsmanship.